About Graphic Artist Ivy Summers

Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and what I do.  I am a humble Graphic Artist & Illustrator, A job I have loved doing for more than 20 years and continue to love as much today. Working with the different software to create digital art has been a passion that has rewarded me through out my career, for me to be able to create CG art in any form that can be used in any of today's media, whether it be for print or the Internet has been a occupation that felt more like a hobby. It helps that I have a active imagination & lucky for me I am a natural born story teller and I apply that talent to my art work and animations. But my real inspiration comes from all things in life big & small. With the help of my loving husband, who has encouraged me to take the classes and learn the technology too be able to nurture my skills that have helped me succeeded in all my endeavors. On a personal note: I'm very energetic and I love all animals, especially the small fuzzy ones. I am a musician and love all types of music. I play and teach guitar and piano as well as perform for anyone who is willing to listen. Thank you for visiting my web site Ivy's Domain Visit the galleries, watch a few animations & enjoy your stay. Ivy

Ivy Summers at work

Motion Graphics

Ivy's passion for animated films & motion graphics, combined with her knowledge & skills has made her one of top Daz Studio software Motion-Graphic Artist in the industry.  Follow Ivy on her Daz Studio Forum

Learn animation

Learn Animation

Ivy offers a quick start tutorial for creating 3d animation with Daz Studio software. To help you learn the Basic's fast so you can get up and running in making your own animations. 

Adobe Professional

Learn About Adobe Certified Professionals

Ivy is Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator Certified Professional. With additional specialty in continued-Eduction for video with Premiere Pro & InDesign for Web-Design. Ivy is continuing to learn everyday new techniques to advance your projects success