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Dated: January 12 2023

    Unless otherwise indicated, The Ivysdomain.com  web site and its contents are the exclusive property of Ivysdomain.com. and Ivy Summers, protected by copyright, trademark, and other trade-laws.2008-2023. Unless other wise marked or have a meta-tagged by the respected owners all contents within the web site Ivysdomain.com is the property of Ivy Summers. IE: is provided by Ivy Summers as a free service to its visitors and may be used for personal, educational and informational purposes only.

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The art work displayed on Ivysdomain.com is the copyright computer generated artistry, of graphic artist Ivy Summers, The art work on this site is meta-tagged for internet tracking.. There will be pages within the gallery sections of Ivysdomain that is hosted on Daz3d.com that will be offered to the public as royalty free to use, un-tagged graphics, These graphics are free to use by the public, for either personal or commercial use , They shall not be redistributed or resold individually or as part of a packaged for resale. or in anyway have the authors named removed from the art work, as this will be a violation of the copyright policy.

Youtube video and music content: All videos, animation and music content provided by this site and/or placed on youtube,com are licensed property of Ivy Summers. licensed Under I.M.Summers Enterprise LLc. with legal filed documents stored in the internal server of this domain.There is some music content used in Ivy Summers animations & films, which were/or are provided free as a public service and are used under Creative Common Licenses,. Ivysdomain.com and/or Ivy Summers are not responsible for any external sites, links or downloads from web site that may link to Ivysdomain.com art work, animations or flims., Ivysdomain.com is not responsible for external sites that generate the use of Ivysdomain art work & animations in a manner that could be offensive to others, We do not support or cordons these practices.

For more detailed information on Ivy Summers 3dD animations on youtube please click here in copyright documents

All music on Ivysdomain.com is a production of Ivy Summers. at I.M.S Studios . Any music that is performed and produced personally by Ivy Summers, is the sole copyright of Ivy Summers and Ivysdomain.com. . The animation sound effects and other back ground sounds are reproduced using a Electronic keyboard with a RSB sound machine and a acoustic Guitar. recorded on a Radio shack® 4x2 track Midi recording mini studio. or a Zoom H2n mP3/wav recorded . all music is copyrighted under I..M.Summers and is free for download for personal use only, any sale of reproduction of the music from this web site is violation of this copyright policy & other laws absent written permission from Ivy Summers..

Sound effects: All sound effects are the property of Ivy Summers and were created & recording live in I.MS Studio recorded using a H2N Zoom MP3/WAV recorder using a vast & varied tools to create the sound effect in I.M.S Studio in Northeast Tennessee, for further information or request to attain permission to use our content or sound effects, please

Contact Me for licensing.

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