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The Karate Girl and the Jade Dragon

Watch along in this episode of Karate Girl ,, as she out smarts a dirty businessman trying to take over her own turf and hurt the the poor towns folk she has been helping. Little do the bad guys know that Karate girl has the the deadliest right kick in the EAST. Suki wins to fight another day. As seen on YouTube.


About Karate Girl

Karate Girl is a creation from Ivy's childhood growing up watching old Kung Fu, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies , The first Karate Girl animation Ivy created was in 2008. About the time when Ivy started learning how to create animated films. and how karate girl has changed over the year'

Who Is Karate Girl?

  Suki Hun Lee, "Karate Girl. Is an Amercian-Japanses teen-age girl,  who grown-up orphaned in a make believe metropolis. Some of her adventures take her around the globe, Over the years Karate Girl has grown a fair following in her adventures and now has a home of her own.

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